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Huawei's new patent granted: you can watch movies with your headlights

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. has been granted a patent for a "projection device, vehicle lamp and vehicle".


According to the abstract, the application provides a projection device that can be used in headlights, projectors, head-up display devices, 

and other devices to provide projection or illumination.

The projection device includes a tricolor light source, a collimation assembly, a spatial light modulation assembly, and a projection lens.

Among them, the three-color light source is used to send three-color light beams of red light, green light and blue light to the collimation 

component, and the three-color light beams are collimated by the collimation component and then sent to the spatial light modulation 


The spatial light modulation component is then used to carry out phase modulation, converge the modulated light beams to the focal plane 

of the projection lens, form the hologram to be projected, and finally project the hologram to be projected through the projection lens.

The projection device of this application can realize a variety of light shapes, with low cost, small size and high efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that AITO's flagship SUV model M9 is equipped with Huawei's megapixel smart headlights, whose function has some 

similarities with the patent filed in this application.

From the scenes shown previously, the headlights used in the M9 are very versatile and innovative, for example, when driving through narrow

passages, the headlights can project a blanket of light, which can not only indicate whether it is possible to pass or not, but also prevent collisions.

When turning, it can also adjust the angle of illumination of the lamps to increase the range of illumination and improve safety; when passing 

through a tunnel, it can automatically adjust the brightness of illumination according to the brightness of the surrounding environment, which 

is very intelligent.

More imaginative is that the headlights can project a crosswalk out of thin air a few meters away from the front, and can also be transformed 

into a projector to project a "movie" on the wall.




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